Routines Learnt

The first 5 dance styles are choreographed for teams each year. Teams, excluding Tinies will perform in the 5 areas.

Figure Marching   

Marching involves many intricate  floor patterns, deportment and uniformity


Club Swinging  

This is probably the hardest routine to perform correctly. Clubs are swung in unison with perfect rhythm and uniformity. Students are required to move through team formations and execute leg movements, as well as perform intricate swings.

Free Exercise  

A series of strong movements involving high levels of flexibility, control and uniformity of rhythm. Routines test pupil’s stamina, flexibility and timing. The pupils operate with ‘free arms’: that is, holding no apparatus.


Pupils perform similar movements to free exercises, with the added complication of an apparatus in their hands; that is, a long rod which is manipulated constantly and quickly through the routine.

Aesthetic Exercise 

The team performs graceful movements. Their task is to interpret music with feeling and softness, as reflected throughout their body and facial expressions.

The dance styles that follow are performed in alterante years and will depend on teh section performing. The decision of what is performed  in any given year is made in advance and coaches across the state are informed.

Rhythmic Dance  

Soft natural dancing is seen in this item. Teams are assessed on their elevation, body line, grace, dance quality, poise and interpretation of theme. Due to the strengths and techniques involved in performing these routines, which are based on balletic movements, it is only performed by older sections.

Character/Folk Dance  

This item is based strongly around a theme and the team’s ability to portray the character of their theme through dance. Correct technique, uniformity and interpretation are all important in this vibrant item. Mime, acting and creativity bring this item to life.


Song and Dance 

A routine that combines singing and modern dance jazz steps. Adjudicators place heavy emphasis on the quality of singing, presentation, style, facial expression and the correctness of dance steps.


Action Song 

Team members join together to present a musical item comprising, singing, acting and choreographed movement. Young participants especially enjoy this item!


Calisthenic Revue   

Creativity and entertainment are the keys to this item which allows great freedom in choreographic creativity. Items are often complex and clever and can represent mini productions. Teams are encouraged to combine aspects of calisthenics with dancing, singing, acting, comedy and clever costuming.


Dance Arrangement   

Based on modern dance styles, Dance Arrangement is a new item that allows coaches to explore music choices and dance forms. Teams must combine their calisthenics technique and musical interpretation to showcase their dance skills. Uniformity, placement, consistency and control of movement are also important.

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