Due to recent enquiries about the increase of fees in 2020 the following information may help to offer some explanations

2020 Club Fees and Wages

Our focus this year is to run the club with transparency, clarity and most importantly efficiency.  The task of setting the budget for the year is not taken lightly and an enormous amount of work goes into looking into areas of improvement and keeping the costs affordable for our members.  Please find details of some of our costs below. We would like to stress that the Club does not profit from pupil fees and in many cases charges less out to pupils than is paid in expenses. Any profit we make comes from sponsorship, fundraising activities and sporting grants; which is why these are so vital to our club.

There have been increases to 2020 fees, however It is important to note that there were minimal increases in fees at the commencement of 2019. Without our fundraising efforts in 2019, we would have run at a loss.

Your coaches are paid for their work, and their pay has not increased for 5 years. This year we increased their pay (coaches by $5 and cadets by $3; per hour). We also pay our coaches for additional classes and their attendance at competitions.


Competition Entries

Competition entry is set by CV. Each club is required to pay a fee per student, per number of items they are entered into, per competition. In 2019 Competition Entry cost our Club close to $6,000. We allocate a charge per student according to how many competitions their team is entered into. This charge does not cover the full cost of entering pupils into competitions.



In 2017 there was no budget and our costs blew out to $19,500. To avoid this, we now set an annual budget for costumes. In 2019 our budget was $9,000 with an actual outlay of $12,000.  In 2020 the budget has been set at $11,000.  Pupil numbers directly affect the requirements for a team’s costuming and therefore the expense associated with it. Our coaches work very hard at reducing the number of new sets required. For example, aesthetics, the most expensive costume, requires approx. 6m x $8 = $48 per skirt. Add to that the leotard and the bling on the outside and a junior costume could quite easily be over $100 each!!! Once again the charge to each individual pupil does not cover the overall cost of costuming; what is paid in fees is supplemented by our fundraising efforts.


Overhead costs

The overheads are administrative and consumable costs combined.

Some of the other costs include affiliation fees with Calisthenics Victoria (based on club member numbers), Music Licensing fees with OneMusic which cover fees associated with playing music in class as well as at the competition and concert, Competition affiliate fee (a significant fee paid to Calisthenics Victoria to hold our competition), ongoing IT fees (Website, Revolutionise sport, Mystage programs), Insurances, work cover, make up and Coach sundries expenses.

Many of these costs have seen a significant increase in recent times. 


Club Camp

Over the past couple of years there have been many requests from parents and pupils to run a camp. On behalf of the Coaching team, we are very excited to announce that in 2020 there will be a “Cali Camp”. This is included in your fees and there will be no additional charges for students to attend. 


End of Year Presentation

With the positive feedback from the 25th Anniversary Gala, we will be hosting presentation nights in a similar manner - not quite so grand though! Pupil trophies are included in fees.


Looking ahead

We are fast approaching the end of our lease in our current location. This means we need to consider costs for relocation, refurbishment and rent. We will be needing a significant focus on fundraising and sponsorship for this domain in the coming 12-24 months as we do not want to pass this on to families.

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