Goulburn Valley Calisthenics College was established in 1984 by Coach Moya Falk. In 1994, Coach Vicki Fuller continued from Moya and Goulburn Valley Calisthenics College, renamed 'Greater Valley Calisthenics Club'.

Greater Valley Calisthenics Club is a not-for-profit organisation based in Shepparton, Victoria. Governed under Calisthenics Victoria, we offer qualified and experienced Calisthenics Coaches across all age sections. We maintain a dedicated and passionate Committee and encourage a Friendly Family atmosphere.

At Greater Valley Calisthenics, we offer Competitive Team Classes. Throughout the year, we may also offer Stretch and flex Skills classes, Solo Classes and Pupil Skills Classes across all age groups. We offer Recreational Team Classes across age groups with enough interest.

Greater Valley Calisthenics Club is registered as a Leading Teams Club with Calisthenics Victoria, representing a solid administration and governance foundation with an understanding of CV and legislative requirements such as child protection, information privacy, social media and employment of coaches. The CV Leading Club program is a quality assurance program endorsed by Sport and Recreation Victoria and Vicsport.


Calisthenics encourages physical development, co-ordination, teamwork and team spirit. It also enhances emotional and social development by supporting pupils in creating and maintaining substantial friendships.

Calisthenics develops an appreciation of music and rhythm, the beauty of line and the excitement of presenting on stage. It teaches self-discipline and strengthens individual confidence, not only on stage but through all aspects of life.

Calisthenics predominately involves a team of pupils learning dance, gymnastic tricks, technical skills and apparatus techniques to create choreographed routines to music.

Teams present their routines in costume at competitions. Students learn up to six routines concurrently throughout the year. Each routine requires varying skills, and this is where the diversity of the sport is seen. Routines usually comprise March, Freearm, Aesthetics, Review and two apparatus routines using a Rod and a set of Clubs. A different costume is worn for each different routine at competitions.

Calisthenics is a competitive sport. A passionate commitment is required during the year to attend, at the minimum, weekly classes, dress rehearsal, up to 5 competitions in various locations around Victoria and the End of Season Concert.

During the year, there will be Team Bonding activities and a Presentation at the end of the year. 


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