Greater Valley Calisthenics Club Inc. is a Not-For-Profit Club. Your fees are calculated to cover only the costs of your participation so our club does not run at a loss. Our club competition and concert are self-funded, and any profits from them, along with fundraising profits and competition winnings, go towards our end-of-year presentation night and improving club resources (such as costumes and other equipment).

Our fees consist of:

       > Competition entry fees

       > Class fees (these cover coach wages)

       > Overheads including services and amenites and

       > Costume levy

Uniquely, calisthenics pupils are not charged for extra costume hire or concert participation at the end of the year. This is all included in their annual fees. Participants are encouraged to read through our Fee payment and refund policy.

2024 Club Fees

Club Fees can be paid in full or over four instalments as the invoice notice defines. Weekly or fortnightly plans can be arranged individually with the treasurer and require all fees to be paid by Oct 1st.

Age Group Class Fees Comp Entry Costuming Overheads Total Fees
Tinies $180 $114 $185 $219 $699
Sub Juniors $317 $214 $185 $219 $935
Juniors $453 $218 $185 $219 $1075
Intermediates $489 $218 $185 $219 $1111
Masters $360 $218 $185 $219 $983

*Fees contribute to the general running expenses of our Club and include Student Amenities, Bank Fees & Charges, Costume Sewing Consumables, Costume Sewing Machine Maintenance, Government Fees, First Aid, Contents & Liability Insurance, Work Cover, APRA & PPCA Fees, Website, Hall upkeep, CVI Section Registration, Dress Rehearsal Expenses, Repairs & Maintenance of Equipment and Other Essential Club Related Expenses. Section fee differences can be attributed to the number of coaches, reduced competition entry and tuition hours.


Equipment cost is included in the club fees.

Payment is required for replacing damaged equipment.

Registration Fees

$95 must be paid via the CV online registration process (opens December). Students cannot participate in classes beyond February 28th until the registration fee is paid. 

Costs not Included in Fees


Our competitors must wear the Greater Valley Club Uniform to and from competitions. Our Uniform is available to order online through our supplier and comprises the following:

       >  Greater Valley polo shirt

       >  Greater Valley jacket 

       >  Club leggings (or plain black leggings - no logos)

       >  Black shoes (no coloured trim)

Uniforms with the Greater Valley logo can be purchased here on our online shop and collected at the hall.

Practice Class Attire

Students are required to wear a black leotard to practice classes. Dance leggings, shorts, crop tops, and sports shirts are acceptable but must be form-fitting and black.

Ticket prices

Audience members are required to pay entry at competitions and the end-of-year concert.


Coaches may request that pupils supply their basic makeup for hygiene purposes. 



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