Weekly Classes

Classes are held during the school term and generally in the first week of school holidays. As competition season draws near, there may a Saturday or Sunday allocated for practice. Coaches will advise parents of this.


  • Calisthenics is a team sport so regular attendance is of utmost importance

  • If pupils have school/study commitments, it is important that the coach is informed of this.

  • Class days and times are dependent on the availability of coaches and venue and are scheduled annually at the AGM



  • Pupils are expected to be prompt to class, warmed up and ready to commence at the appropriate time.

  • If a pupil is going to be late or absent from class, it is important to let the coach know beforehand.

  • Parents are expected to leave the classroom prior to the commencement of lessons to minimize distractions.

  • A quick exit at the end of class is also required to ensure that the following class commences on time.

  • Class times have been structured for minimal interruptions. If you wish to speak to the coach, please arrange a suitable time with them.


Viewing Nights:

  • Parents will be able to sit in the classroom at specific times throughout the training season to watch the progress of routines. These nights are organised at the discretion of the coach



  • Pupils are to be dropped off and collected from inside the Hall

  • Parents of pupils from tinies, sub juniors and juniors must sign an attendance register at the beginning and end of class

  • Intermediates and/or their parents must sign attendance register at the beginning and end of class.



  • Pupils are to be dressed in black leotards. In cooler weather, black leggings and cross over tops can be worn.

  • T-Shirts and Jumpers must be removed before the commencement of class

  • Hair is to be out of the pupil's face. Long hair must be in a ponytail or bun. Boys with long hair must have this tied back into a pony tail.

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