Club Uniform & Merchandise

2019 is the last year of transition to the new uniform.

The following points of information are vital reading.

  • there will be a 2 week time period to place your order, late orders not possible 

  • orders and payments are done through the supplier's store

  • delivery of the uniform and other goods will occur approximately 6 weeks after orders close. It is NOT possible to order outside these times

  • Both Costume and Sports Bags can be personlaised with member's name

As previously advised, 2020 the new uniform will be compulsory.  All pupils will be expected to have the new club jacket, club shirt and black leggings. 


While some items available are optional, we would like all families to consider at least buying the new jacket at this point in time, as it will look more cohesive for the teams attending competitions. 

We are hoping that spreading out the purchasing of the new uniform will help parents with this expense.  It will therefore be acceptable to delay purchase of the shirt for later in the year or next year.

Compulsory competition wear in 2019

  • Club Jacket

  • Club Shirt

  • Black canvas slip on shoes

NOTE: there are two styles of Jacket, the 'polar fleecy lining' is a less fitted style compared to the other.

To visit the supplier click any of the  'visit supplier' buttons below.

You will need the club's password to access the purchase area (top right)

Club Password


Uniform Try on dates: may 27 - june 5

available at the club hall

$65 - $70



Costume Bag


Polo Top

$50 - $55

Sport Bag





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