Attending competitions is COMPULSORY.  All sections are entered into competitions (unless there is a ‘recreational team’ which only perform at the end of year concert). There is usually 2 to 5 competitions attended each season, these being in Melbourne, Ballarat and Country Victoria.

The competition season spans form July to October however the specific competition dates are not available until late into term 2.

If you are unable to attend any competitions, please let your coach know as soon as possible so that routines and stage balance can be altered to allow for any absence.

Full Club Uniform is to be worn to all competitions; This consists of Club Jacket, Club pants, Club Polo shirt and black shoes.

Additional requirements for competitions:

Coaches decide what they require for competitions, this can vary between sections.

  • Tinies – Flesh coloured bodysuit, leg tan, foundation and lipstick

  • Sub Juniors – Flesh coloured bodysuit, leg tan or stockings, foundation, mascara and lipstick

  • Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors and Masters – Flesh coloured bodysuit, leg tan or stockings, foundation, mascara, eyelashes and lipstick

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