Greater Valley Calisthenics Club welcomes pupils to undertake Solos as it believes that is is another way of developing self-confidence and technique.

Pupils choosing to undertake solos in any competition year need to have an awareness of the following points.



  • payment for coaching is determined between coach and pupil

  • payment for hall hire will be billed termly to the family and must be paid prior to solo commencing

  • costume organisation is between coach and pupil and will be at the pupil's expense



  • the pupil's teamwork must take priority

  • undertaking a solo is a privilege and not a right


  • pupils, parents and their coaches are required to sign a contract

  • coaches are to be qualified at a level 1 or higher grading and MUST be actively supervising the pupil during sessions

  • pupils must register their intent with both CV and Greater Valley Calisthenics during registration period

  • pupil skill levels must match the appropriate levels for undertaking the solo age level

  • pupils are to organise their own coaches

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