2019 Juniors' Camp

The Juniors team descended on the Mooroopna Scout Hall in preparation for a fun filled and busy weekend.

The Girls, their Assistants and Coaches, worked hard for 2 days to finalise some of their routines and polish skills and routines already learnt.

Ann De Bonna set aside the whole weekend, along with Portia and Jacob to cook up a storm. Let me tell you, in that kitchen everything was freshly made, there was not a packet of biscuits or pre-made anything in sight.


Over the weekend Ann welcomed into the inner workings of the kitchen, keen assistants; Sina, Emily, Ben, Maryanne, Karren. Together some of the most divine food was prepared and eaten. Saturday evening after dinner and games, the girls went out and toasted (mosty burnt) some ginormous marshmallows. With sticky fingers cleaned and beds laid out it was time for other's routines to be viewed. 

Supper followed, hands were washed, bodies now rolled into bed (too much to eat) and the viewing of Annie began.

These weekends don't happen without A LOT of work behind the scenes. A huge thanks goes to Jacquie and Stacey, Dekota, Anna, Tyra and Macey, Ann, Jacob and Portia and Karren. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

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