Our 2019 Executive Committee

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Tish Okely


Tish is a mum of 4, a teacher and has volunteered across many sectors of the Community for many years. Tish has been a scouting member for 28 years and has held all executive positions on a variety of committees over this time. Tish is currently the Group Leader of 1st Kialla Scout Group.

In 2018 Tish embarked on her first year of calisthenics in the Masters team after watching the enjoyment and fun 3 of her children had whilst undertaking the sport. Tish’s children have been members of the club since 2014. 

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Maryanne Cardillo

Vice President

Maryanne commenced calisthenics as a Sub Junior at Monterery Calisthenics Club under Val Scarpella. She moved to Hastings Calisthenics Club as an Intermediate under Marie Bayne before moving to Greater Valley Calisthenics Club as a Senior, alongside Jenny Clarke. Maryanne coached Greater Valley Juniors and assisted with Intermediates.

Maryanne’s daughter, Emily, commenced Calisthenics at Canadian Bay where she danced and Championship level, before joining daughter Greater Valley Calisthenics Club in 2016 when Maryanne also became President.

Maryanne was Secretary at South Mornington Junior Football Club for 15 years and is a Licenced real estate agent in semi-retirement

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Aimee has been involved with the Greater Valley Calisthenics Club since her daughter Olivia was a tiny in 2008.

Aimee moved to Shepparton for work and had the pleasure of working with Donna Whelan (Clarke) for many years where she first heard about this wonderful sport.

Aimee has enjoyed being involved with general committee and volunteer roles as well as the previous executive committee position of Secretary.  She is looking forward to this ongoing dedication to the club in the hope it enjoys continued growth and success.

The Leading Clubs program is a fabulous initiative through Calisthenics Victoria and ensures good governance of sporting clubs. It also means there is an increased need for volunteers to fill various roles and responsibilities.

Aimee would love to hear from any members who are looking at ways to help out (but don’t necessary have the time or desire to attend the regular meetings and larger roles involved with the general committee).



Jen has been a Calisthenics parent for seven years. Her daughters started in 2012. Her eldest has continued and is currently in the Inters Team. Jen is from Sydney and had never heard of Calisthenics before moving to Shepparton in 2007. She has enjoyed watching her daughter’s team grow stronger in their Calisthenics performances and form rich friendships. Jen has never been a very good ‘Dance Mum’ and shares competition attendance with her husband Andy. She does love the strength and sense of team commitment that her daughter gets from the sport. She has learnt some basic sequinning skills but is also happy that her daughter is now old enough to do some of the sequinning herself. Jen is excited to be a part of the Greater Valley Calisthenics Club Committee and looks forward to giving back some of what her family have gained from the experience of calisthenics.



I have been involved with Greater Valley Calisthenics for the last 8 years as a parent.  My daughter Macy was invited to watch her Friend Ella perform in the end of year concert and walked away loving everything about it, she could not wait to start the new year.  Prior to watching the concert I had not heard of calisthenics and had no idea of what this sport would entail, but watching my daughters face through every performance I knew she was hooked.  In 2011 Macy started as a Sub Junior and is now going into her 3 year of Intermediates.  Macy has been a helper / assistant in various sections for the last 4 years and is looking forward in starting her cadetship in 2020.

During these eight years I have been an active parent within the club, taking on numerous roles.  I have been Treasurer 5 out of the 8 years, I have been Team Manager 4 out of the 8 years and I am looking forward in my new role as Administrator in 2019.

Not only has my daughter fallen in love with the sport but so have I, I love the friendships that have formed not only for Macy but mine as well.  I absolutely love watching my daughter and her team dance / perform on stage,  I have only missed 1 competition in those 8 years and hated not being there.  Macy and I enjoy going to other competitions like the Senior Champ CVI Comp, solo competition and watching our other teams compete.  We are in Calisthenics for life and look forward to what the future holds.   GO VALLEY !!

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