Pupil Skills

The ACF skills program was designed and developed to raise the standard of calisthenics. Since it's creation in 1979 the calisthenics skills program is now practiced Australia wide to unify calisthenic terminology and technique. This national program is administered by each state / territory body under the auspices of Australian Calisthenics Federation Examiner’s advisory board which is responsible for setting/updating guidelines (technically and administratively).

The syllabus aims to ensure that every calisthenic pupil is learning the correct technique for longevity in this sport. It has been developed to ensure that pupils progress through the different levels, building on their technique with no demands on the individual which exceeds their maturity or their skill level.

The ACF skills program is designed to improve fitness flexibility coordination and rhythm, musicality deportment and poise along with providing a sense of achievement for those who complete their Skills Levels.

Technical Examination Process

Test 1, 2 and 3

These tests are designed for younger calisthenic pupils to introduce them to the examination process and encourage proper technique from an early age


Grade 1, 2, 3 and 4

As pupils grow and develop the Skills Program progresses to these for grades. They introduce a more comprehensive vocabulary of terminology, coordination, artistry, and musicality. Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4 build on earlier studies and allow pupils to enhance their skills at a pace that they are comfortable with.


Medals bronze silver and gold

The medal examinations are designed for mature calisthenic pupils. The exercises draw on technique which pupils learnt on earlier examinations and further extends their performance skills, quality of movement, musicality, a sense of floor pattern and space. These exercises include advanced movements which must be mastered to a high standard. Unique to these medal examinations, pupils include self choreographed routines which showcase the pupils own artistic style and allows them to be more creative.

Below are the links to the videos for the Pupil Skill programs

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